Strawberry Preserve with Champagne 227g

Boost your afternoon tea with Strawberry Preserve with a glint of Champagne (2%)

Perfect for…


filling a Victoria Sponge cake

creates wonderful Strawberry Jam Tarts

a luxurious trifle

45g of fruit per 100g

Raspberry Preserve with Amaretto 227g

The taste of Summer is perfectly captured in this Raspberry Preserve, enhanced by a shot of Amaretto (2%)

Fantastic on


helps create a wonderful Queen of Puddings and Bakewell Tart

and so good on French Toast

45g of fruit per 100g

Apricot Preserve with Brandy 227g 

Golden Apricot Preserve enhanced with a dash of Brandy (2%)

Perfect on chunky buttered toast and great to glaze cakes and meats.

Apricot & Miso Glaze on grilled Chicken thighs is a must

It’s a vital ingredient in an Apricot Passion cocktail

45g of fruit per 100g

Plum Preserve with Mulled Wine 227g 

A truly festive combination. Fruity Plums simmered slowly to rich perfection with Mulled Wine (2%)

A traditional Christmas classic with a twist!

A lovely accompaniment to cold cuts at the festive season.

Makes a great BBQ sauce, mixed with our Chilli Jam, onion and a dash of Worcestershire Sauce.

45g of fruit per 100g

Orange marmalade with Whisky  Liqueur 227g 

Delicate fine cut Orange Marmalade made with a generous shot of Whisky (2%)

A Great Taste Award Winner in 2018 and perfect on hot buttered toast.

Equally wonderful as a glaze, perfect with cheese and also a great addition to many dessert recipes.

34g of fruit per 100g

Spiced Orange marmalade 227g 

Fine cut Orange Marmalade enhanced with warming spices for a taste sensation.

No Alcohol 34g of fruit per 100g

Great on your toast or crumpets, plus

wonderful as a meat glaze

works really well in a Tom Collins cocktail

makes a wonderful Marmalade icecream, all you need to do is fold in some vanilla icecream

Chilli Jelly 200g – A soft set Chilli Jelly – hot but not intimidating!

Once a jar is opened we dare you to leave it alone! You will find yourself eating it with everything.

Great as a glaze on ham or salmon. No Alcohol

Makes a fab BBQ sauce with our Plum Jam

Brandy Butter 190g – Sweet and buttery with a generous splash of Brandy (9%)

Delicious melted on mince pies and puddings, but too good to just have a Christmas. Contains Milk

Great on grilled pork and steaks

Makes an awesome Bread & Butter pudding, you can thank us later for that one!

Perfect on French Toast too

Vegetarian & Gluten Free Products

All of The Fabulous Fruit Company Preserves and Sauces are Gluten Free and suitable for Vegetarians, plus we are really pleased that all of the flavours are suitable for Vegans apart from the Brandy Butter.